Abortion pills

Abortion pills

Abortion pills are not a single type of pills. But actually, these are two different types of pills that complete the abortion process collectively. The name of both medicines is Mifepristone and Misoprostol.
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Both medicines are useless for proper working without each other. So, these are taken collectively at the same time. The only thing you should have to do before using them is to concern with your doctor. This will enable you to use them properly.

Effects and uses of abortion pills

Abortion pills use to stop pregnancy. These pills are using at a very large rate. Especially in those countries where there is a law of population control. Both the above-mentioned medicines have different features that help to complete the process.

The first medicine blocks the pregnancy hormones that help the body to stop further growth. While the other one that is Misoprostol causes cramping and bleeding. That, in turn, changes into the loss of pregnancy.

The bleeding and cramping may take 12 to 24 hours for a complete stop. So, it should be used when you are at your home or any other place where you feel comfortable. Also, these pills have many effects on the body like tiredness and many others.

The user may also feel some temperature after using it. Moreover, the time in which it can be taken should be specific. That is why; it should take after the recommendation of the doctors. You will have to visit your doctor to make a proper chart for its usage.

These pills may also cause diarrhea and dizziness. Besides, you should also take pain-relieving medicines that will help to become normal after the abortion process. Also, you will have to appoint a nurse to take care of yourself if anything happens.

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