Animal Mints Strain




Animal Mints

Animal Mints strain is a hybrid. It tastes like mint and cookie dough. Buds are dense and frosted with green bodies and sour tips. The aroma and flavours are sour and sweet. It can treat severe pain and sleeplessness. Animal Mints cannabis strain is best for evening usage.

Animal Mints cannabis strain’s high may be overkill for vey mild symptoms or those looking for a light stone, but has decadent numbing powers that brings the body luscious sedation.

At full maturity, Animal Mints features buds with green and teal coloring and a sparkling layer of trichomes. Not much information is known about Animal Mints’ growing needs, as the cultivar is available only as clones.

If you’re a lover of mint flavors, just about anything sounds delicious when coupled with this taste, even animals. Clearly we’re joking, but the strain dubbed Animal Mint does sound appealing nonetheless. This bud brings about a fair level of uncertainty, as it might be a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG, or could stem from Thin Mint GSC and Animal Cookies with a bit of Blue Power in there depending on who you ask.

Now that you’re thoroughly confused, let’s add to that by discussing her potency, which appears to be all over the board. Some note that Animal Mint can be found as low as 15% while others claim that she tops out at 32% THC. These fluffy nugs do feature a decent amount of amber trichomes and tons of sticky resin, so it makes sense that she’d be rather strong. As her genetics would allude to, this strain features flavors and smells of mint, cookie dough, pine, and even a bit of diesel for good measure.

Common Usage


A Loss of Appetite2/10




Typical Effects






THC Content

Highest Test32%

Strain Average23.5%

Hybrid Average13%

mega420 Average18%

mega420 Highest35%

Additional information


1 Oz, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 pound


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