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Eureka Vape Cartridge

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Discovering this Vape Cartridge or different types of this Vape Cartridge was not hard previously. The reason is most pharmaceuticals had the licenses to deliver them. This has changed since different medications that fill a similar need have risen. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to purchase Vape Cartridge, it doesn’t mean it is outlandish. You can do it online rapidly. Our online shop is truly reasonable, trustable, and dependable shop. We have been in the Vape Cartridge business for an all-encompassing period now, and we comprehend what the Vape Cartridge clients need.

This .5g vape cartridge offers the popular Jack Herer strain with the following stats:
Total THC ̩9THC+THCa 74.48 %

Total Potential ̩9THC 744.4 mg/g 74.44 %

Total CBD CBD+CBDa 0.39 %

Total Potential CBD 3.9 mg/g 0.39 %

Total CBN Total CBN 1.24 %

Full Cannabinoid Profile

Tetrahydrocannabinol ̩9THC 74.17 %

Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid THCa 0.32 %

Cannabidiol CBD 0.37 %

Cannabidiolic Acid CBDa 0.02 %

Cannabinol CBN 1.24 %

Total Active Cannabinoids: 76.11 %

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