Grape Ape

Grape Ape is an indica strain that is fast rising in popularity especially among pot connoisseurs. It is a very tasteful strain with a bag appeal to boot. It has a stunning appearance that deviates from the typical green appearance of most cannabis strains. When Grape Ape is subjected to colder temperatures during the flowering stage it develops some beautiful grape streaks that break the monotony of the greens. This is an adventurous strain that will excite new and seasoned users alike.

It is a strong indica strain with a distinctive look and strong fruity flavor and it produces a powerful body high. It is a hybrid strain with interesting genetics, being a cross between the beautiful Mendocino Purps, a pungent skunk strain, and the legendary indica strain Afghani. The results is a beautiful and potent indica leaning hybrid.

Grape Ape that’s bonkers purple with the occasional flourish of hairs, then there’s the Grape Ape I took home. Almost a mossy green with a dark royal-purple leaf contrasting now and then, it’s dense but doesn’t resemble the rocks of marijuana that I’m more accustomed to. In fact, most of the purple had been egregiously trimmed off so that to the eye it’s pretty indistinguishable.

Look – Sticky light/dark green buds covered in crystals.

Smell – Nice earthy Kush smell with a hint of spice.

Taste – Critical Kush has that distinct Kush taste with a spicy, earthy taste on the exhale.

Medical Uses – Stress, Pain Relief, Muscle Relaxant, Insomnia.

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