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What Is Hemp Oil Vape?

Hemp vape cbd is a type of hemp oil that is suitable for vaping. Specifically, suitable for vaping with an e-cig vaporizer. In other words, it can be vaped in the same type of device that is used with nicotine e-liquids. What is hemp vape oil exactly? It is an oil extracted from the industrial hemp plant. Hemp oil contains CBD. It is the CBD that is absorbed through vaping.

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Not all industrial hemp plants have CBD. Some industrial hemp is grown strictly for the hemp seed oil, which is a nutritional supplement. Also, industrial hemp may be used for textiles like ropes and more. There is a specific type of industrial hemp that is used for CBD cultivation. The largest producer of CBD hemp plants are found in Colorado. Although, farmers around the country are starting to follow suit not that the latest farm bill fully recognizes hemp as an agricultural product.

Vaping Hemp Oil | cbd hemp oil vape

Vaping hemp oil requires a special formulation that must include e-liquid ingredients to properly vaporize. Specifically, pure hemp vape oil must be blended with vegetable glycerin (VG)  and propylene glycol (PG) in order to work in an e-cig or vaporizer device. The VG and PG generate the vapor that carries both the flavor and the CBD you get from a pure hemp oil vape.

Users can vape hemp oil in a vape device as long as it is a vapeable formula with VG and PG. The ideal formulation is 50% VG and 50% PG. That way the user can enjoy a hemp oil vape is either a standard or sub ohm vape device. Simply fill a vape tank or refill cartridge with hemp CBD e-juice just as you would fill it with e-liquid. After filling, let the device to sit for ten minutes to allow the vape coils to become saturated.

It is important to use the best quality vape devices for vaping hemp oil. A sophisticated and expensive box mod from a vape shop is not required. Focus on simplicity and quality. The best device for a hemp oil vape is the Bug RX by Mig vapor.

Best Device For Vaping Hemp Oil

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