Candy Kush


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Look – DNA Genetics Kandy Kush has the earthy, musky Kush smell with accents of lemon, fuel and fruit to compliment



Candy Kush Strain – Cotton Candy Kush – Bud Candy

Candy Kush is the result of crossing OG Kush with Blue Dream. OG Kush is a fabulous cannabis strain with various origins, but probably Californian. OG Kush and Blue Dream are both Indica dominant. Candy Kush owes its name for a simple reason. Indeed, both the taste and the smell of Candy Kush are sweet, spicy versions with notes of caramel reminiscent of candy.

Candy Kush is especially popular with medical cannabis enthusiasts or patients, but it also simply allows people to relax or distract their minds from the stressful thoughts or situations they are currently experiencing. Overall, Candy Kush provides the user with a cerebral high. This can quickly turn into a lethargic state on the couch, however.

However, the most common reactions to this strain of cannabis include relaxation, happiness, euphoria and hunger. You should have some snacks on hand and ready to go before you smoke This strain. You wouldn’t want to be hungry while being too lazy to do anything about it!

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Besides having a snack handy, a cup of water or other liquid will help you fight a dry mouth. Other side effects are quite rare. In addition to a dry mouth, a person who smokes

This strain may also experience dry eyes, slight dizziness, headaches, and sometimes even feel anxious. However, these effects are rare and therefore you usually don’t have to worry unless you have smoked an astronomical amount and, all in all, not recommended.

Candy Kush is medium in size and a pleasure to grow. On average, plants of the Candy Kush strain will produce great harvests both indoors and outdoors. It produces a lot of resin despite a relatively short flowering period (between 7-9 weeks).

Type of High

Kandy Kush marijuana strain induces deep, strong body relaxation and trance like cerebral high. Uplifts mood, prompts giggles and chattiness. Followed by body relaxation, mild pain control, stress relief, appetite stimulation.

Classic stretch of the OG Kush that bulks up and fills out like the TW to give you OG flavor and TW nugs. Once again we bring the medicinal benefits and the great taste of the OG Kush and crossed it to classic Cali. Train Wreck strain – known for it’s good commercial yields, frostiness and lemony scents. The sweetness of this Kush hybrid is comparable to kandy and after one hit you will keep coming back for more!! Heavy crystal production comes on after the 5th week but doesn’t stop producing! One of the most resinous plants in our catalogue. True California flavor. 1st Colorado Cannabis Crown 2010 voted best medical marijuana out of 140 strains 3rd Outdoor Spannabis 2012

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