Honey Moroccan Hash




Moroccan Hash

Moroccan Hash. is frequently use for the the hashish. In the West, kief is often use for the special Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash. When the milder leaves are use, this is called “habisha”, which would resemble marijuana.

When properly cured, Honey Rock emits a sweet, mellow odor that may remind some consumers of honey. A closer whiff may detect some fruity, berry-like notes as well. When these buds are ground up, their scent leans more skunky — an odor that intensifies as the strain is combusted in a pipe or a joint. Honey Rock burns with a smooth, palatable smoke that carries sweet and mildly sour flavors on the exhale.

How It Taste

The taste of  Hash is usually sweet with a smooth feel on the tongue. it’s the kind of flavor the taste buds enjoy. Can be a very resinous hash.


Look for a good buzz. Nothing super special immediate like shatter glass rig hits. You’ll still be happy for the price.

Additional information


30 g., 60 g.


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