Original Glue


Taking first place in both the Michigan and Los Angeles 2014 Cannabis Cups as well as the High Times Jamaican World Cup, this multiple award-winning hybrid’s supremacy is no longer a secret, and consumers will search far and wide to get their hands sticky with Original Glue (GG4).



Original Glue (GG#4) genetics Nirvana Seeds crossed Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel to create this feminized beauty. These three parent strains are known for their potency, a property that strain has certainly inherited.

original gorilla glue

By crossing three strains with excellent flavour profiles, Nirvana Seeds created a super tasty strain with notes of diesel, pine, chocolate, and coffee. This excellent blend of earth and spice makes Original Glue an excellent option for a bedtime toke or on a day off.

Original Glue Effects

Original Glue has recorded THC levels of up to 32% in certain phenotypes and therefore can pack quite a punch. Typically, she’ll only contain around 18-25% THC but that’s still more than enough to leave you couch-locked and catatonic. All your stress will melt away and you’ll feel a sensation of deep relaxation. Clear your schedule for the day and get ready to chill.

Medical Benefits Glue Strain

Due to the sedating effects of this strain, she’s a strain that can best serve those with mental disorders such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or anxiety. Her THC strength may
be able to counteract the compulsive behaviours of patients of these conditions by helping them relax and unwind. Original Glue is a very potent strain and should be used accordingly.

How to Grow Original Glue Strain

Available in feminized seeds, use a SOG method for optimal results when growing it. She has a high yield and can easily double in size during her pre-flowering phase, growing much taller than most other hybrid strains.

This strain is known for having a fast flowering period of around 7-9 weeks, meaning you won’t have to wait long to enjoy this treasure. Plus, as a feminized strain, you should get a female plant from almost every seed. How’s that for convenience?

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